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Pizza Orders

Heggies Pizza Fundraiser

Our Heggies pizza fundraiser has been a great success for OBA over the years.  It's fun, it helps keep our participation rates lower, and everyone gets what they want.......some tasty Heggies pizzas!


Go out and start collecting your orders today!


You can download the order form and instructions for the fundraiser on this page (look to the right!)


Don't forget - top individual sellers and top selling teams will earn prizes!

Top boy and girl sellers will each earn $150!

Any player that sells more than 100 will earn $50.

Any player that sells between 50-99 will earn $25.

The team with the highest average sales per player will earn a team pizza party!!


All orders must be finalized and entered onto the site by Sunday, November 28th.

Pickup will be on December 16th (more details to come).


Remember, everyone loves a good Heggie pizza so talk to your neighbors, your friends, your aunt and uncles, and all of your in-town or out-of-town family.  Thanks and happy selling!


Award Winners for the 2021_22 Season

Your name could be here!!!


Sell, sell, sell!!!