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Lakeville South Girls Tournament - IMPORTANT INFO REQUIRED FOR PLAY

By Owatonna Basketball Association, 01/12/21, 6:30AM CST


The Lakeville South Tournament has provided additional information on rules/guidelines, waivers, and spectators. 

Full details are below but here are some of the highlights:

  • Each player must have a signed waiver in order to play. The waivers can be found online here and they have asked that they are completed by 10 pm Thursday. There is also an option to print the waiver to be turned in by the coaches at the tournament. Please coordinate with your coaches/parent rep when you have completed the waiver so they can verify that all team waivers are complete. 
  • Teams will be given a total of 16 wrist bands for adults. This includes coaches, a team manager, and any spectators. The parent rep and coaches should coordinate with the parents to determine the team manager (will sit at the scorers table, assist with health watch/scoring, hand out wristbands, and communicate when spectators can enter). 
  • A spectator list must be completed for each team prior to entry. This includes contact information for contact tracing. 16 wristbands should allow 1 spectator per player with some extras (depending on the the # of coaches and players on the team). Parent reps should gather the information from the spectators and complete the form for the coaches to turn in. The spectator form will be available on each team's page today. 


Information from the Lakeville South Email to Coaches: 


Link to:,+MN+schools/@44.6616577,-93.2715976,14z

* Lakeville South High School:  Park in the Upper North East Parking Lot and enter the Upper Sports Entrance (not the main entrance).

* Lakeville North High School:  Park in the Lower North Parking Lot and enter the Lower Student Entrance (not the main entrance).

* Kenwood Trail School:  Park in the East Parking Lot and enter the Main Entrance.

* Century School:  Park in the Lower North Parking Lot and enter the Lower Entrance (not the main entrance).  Go around the west side of the construction and behind it.



* Upon arrival either the coach or the team manager should come to the entrance table and collect the 16 wristbands (and drop off any forms needed) for the coaches and fans.

* Players, fans and coaches should wait in their cars until notified that they may enter.

* A text will be sent to the coach about 20 to 30 minutes before game time to signal that the coach and players may enter.  The coach should then text his players top enter.

* Upon entry the team will be directed to a holding area for their specific team where they can change shoes, etc.  Once the courts have been sanitized they will be told they can enter their court.

* After all teams are on their courts the team manager will be sent a text 5 minutes before the game to the fans to signal they may enter.


Below is a link to the team guidelines and procedures every team must follow in order to participate in this year's tournament.  It is required that you fill this form out online by THURSDAY, JANUARY 14th.  Please read carefully and communicate these procedures to all of your participating players and spectators that plan to attend.  Should your players/spectators find it difficult to follow these procedures, they should not attend.  We will be counting on you to help enforce these procedures with your group in attendance.


Attached is a PDF of Team Guidelines and Procedures to be distributed to your team or you can forward the above link. 



Below is a link to submit a completed roster.  This roster must be submitted by THURSDAY JANUARY 14th.

Link to roster form here:  ROSTER



Below is a link to submit a completed Waiver, Release and Hold-Harmless Agreement.  This form must be signed by a parent or legal guardian of each player prior to play.  Please have your families complete these by THURSDAY, JANUARY 14th.

Link to Waiver form here:  2021 LSGBA Cougar Classic Waiver

Please forward this link to your families.  While we would prefer your team fill these out online and submit them, attached is a PDF that can be printed, signed and turned in upon entry.

Attached is a PDF of 2021 LSGBA Cougar Classic Waiver

REMEMBER - no player will be permitted to play without a signed waiver.


Each team will be supplied 16 wristbands to be worn by all adults (including coaches).  Absolutely no more will be distributed per team and there will be no re-entry once games commence per session.  In order to admit your group of spectators, a spectator list of names and phone numbers must be provided for Covid contact tracing purposes.  Attached is a PDF form that can be completed prior to arriving at the tournament or on site before admittance.  Please note that a team manager will need to be designated on the Roster Form so that we may text him/her when your team's spectators are allowed to enter.