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Rochester Early Bird Tournament Nov 23-24

By OBA, 11/19/19, 12:30PM CST


Most of our 5th through 8th grade teams are playing in the Rochester Early Bird Tournament.  

The Rochester website has links to the schedule and rules:


Many of the teams have their schedule games added to their calendar, we encourage all teams coaches/parent reps to add games and record the final score.

A note from Tournament Director:

Sportsmanship – I am not going to go on and on about sportsmanship. We all know how we should be acting, so let’s please all make a conscious effort this weekend to keep good sportsmanship and be positive examples for the youth competing. While we all want to win, there are bigger things at stake. Keep in mind games and weekends like this will prepare some for their lives, some for high school competition, and some college. We can all gain something from this weekend, regardless of the outcome.


Competition – With the current bracket templates, you will all receive a minimum of 4 games. Some that advance further into bracket play may get 5, 6 games. If you do advance further and further into the tournament, I tried my best to eliminate and at least lessen the amount of back to back games you may have. There are about 250 teams registered, all guaranteed 4 games, and about 600 games scheduled. This leads to a considerable degree of difficulty to schedule. I apologize in advance for any draws or game times you consider unfavorable. I did try my best to schedule fairly, and I can assure you there was no preferential treatment given. Thank you all for understanding.


I will be very busy this weekend entering scores and handling issues at RCTC, where I will be stationed. If you have questions or concerns, please find your site coordinators. They can be found wearing yellow Early Bird T-Shirts with “staff” on the back. Please go to them first with questions, if they cannot handle it, you or the site coordinator can contact me and I will try my best to help.


Concessions will only be offered at some sites. The national volleyball center and RCTC will for sure have concessions. Most of the Kasson Sites will have concessions. Byron should have concessions, the last I heard. John Marshall will have concessions and Century is connected to the National Volleyball Center which has concessions. Willow Creek and Kellogg will not have concessions. You should but be prepared in the case your site does not have concessions. It would be wise to bring water and Gatorade to your games in the case you play at a site that does not have concessions.


Schedule Changes and Game Times – There was an 8th grade Girls B team that dropped out of the tournament late last night (11/20). We had to make changes to this division, please be sure to note the new games and times that were published this morning. Here is a link to the schedule:


If you play in a third or first place game. At the conclusion of your final game, please go to the awards area to collect your medal (if you placed 1-3rd) and Frozen Turkey if you are the champions.


Home team is expected to provide a score keeper, as noted on our website. We have hired score board operators, but in the case one does not show up and we need help, please be willing to run the scoreboard so we can keep games running. Thank you in advance!