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Coaching Coordinators

Matt Ginskey

Boys Coach Coordinator

Phone: 507-213-9608

Reid Stransky

Boys Coach Coordinator

Phone: 507 456-4156

Linde Wolff

Girls Coach Coordinator

Phone: 612 618-7682

Any scheduling changes, conflicts, or questions should be sent to our scheduler at  It's very important that you contact us in advance if you are not going to use your reserved practice time.

Changing Calendar Events

Please inform our Scheduler, Miranda Dibble, at if you are going to alter your practice schedule.  This allows OBA to best utilize our court resources. OBA will be charged by the school district for unused gym space that we have booked, so it's important to communicate changes as soon as you know them.

Coaches, Parent Reps, and OBA Board Members have permission to change team calendars.

To Add an Event to your Calendar follow these steps:

  1. Login to the OBA website with your Sport Ngin account.
  2. Click the Edit Mode/User Mode toggle switch in the upper right corner of the page.
  3. A gear will now appear above the list of Calendar events.  Click the gear to get a popup menu, then click "Add Event".
  4. On the "Add New Event" window, you must provide an Event Name (i.e. "Practice"), specify the correct time, and location is helpful.
  5. Click the "Create This Event" button at the bottom.  Your event is now added to the team calendar.


To Edit or Delete Events:

  1. Login to the OBA website with your Sport Ngin account.
  2. Click the Edit Mode/User Mode toggle switch in the upper right corner of the page.
  3. Click the link to the event you wish to Edit or Delete.
  4. The Event will be displayed on your browser.  Use the gear to Edit or Delete as necessary.

Edit/User mode toggle switch

Edit/User mode Toggle Switch

Add Calendar Event

Add Calendar Event

Edit Event

Edit Event

Player Information

The information collected for each player (i.e. phone numbers, emails, etc.) is available on a "Team Secured" web page under each team.  Only the coaches and parent reps should have access to that page.  The Team Secured page has an element with player name, parent name, phone number and email(s).

Clicking the Details link for a play will display all the registration data.  You can also click the Export CSV link to create an Excel document with the data.

Team Secured

Team Secured

All scheduled practices

To see the master schedule, simply click the Teams navigation option on the website.  Then click the View All at the bottom of the All Team Upcoming Events element.  This will populate the calendar with all scheduled team events.

Games and Stats on the website

Please post your game scores on the website.  Coaches, Parent Reps, and OBA Board members have permissions to update the team pages, which include Games and Stats.

Sport Ngin has documented some steps to manage games and statistics.  Please review

To enter Game scores, you must login to the website and get to the game via the ticker tape on the home page or via your team page.  When you are viewing the game information, enter Edit Mode (this looks like a toggle switch in the upper right corner of the website).  Once in Edit Mode, you can enter the score via a Quick Score button or enter Stats.

If you wish to record stastics, there is some setup work involved.  The Sport Ngin help has information on how to do this.  You can choose which statistics categories to maintain.  For each game, the stats can be entered for each player.

The mobile app can also be used to enter scores and stats.

Contact Red if you have questions.  If you are unable to update your game scores, feel free to text or email Red to make updates.


Emailing your team

The roster on each team page contains the list of team players.  Those players are also tied to a Sport Ngin account with their parents email address when they registered.  Through the website you can send emails to the entire team.

One benefit of this email solution is the families have flexibility to add/remove/change email addresses for their Sport Ngin account without having to tell Coaches to change their distribution list.  The system will automatically send the email the address(es) tied to their account.

Coaches (and Parent Reps) are granted "Owner" permissions to their team sites.  With that permission you will see an Edit Mode/User Mode toggle switch in the upper right corner of the website now.

Coaches are considered part of the roster, so if you chose to send to ALL members, the coach(es) will receive the email too.

The screen shot below indicates the steps needed to send a team email.

  1. Login to the OBA website with your Sport Ngin account.
  2. Select the "Groups" option under the Admin button.
  3. Click the "Messages" link.
  4. Click the "Send Message to Group" link on the right side.
  5. The "Select Message Recipients" screen will appear.  Here select "All" to email the entire team.
  6. On the next screen be sure to provide a Subject of your email as well as a descriptive message in the Body.
  7. Click the "Send Message" button at the bottom when you are ready to send.
Send Team Email

Send Team Email

Concussion Training