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Additional Emails

Additional Emails for communications

A player can only be tied to one primary Sports Engine account.  This is the account used when you registered your player.  The primary email address for that account will receive emails sent from coaches on the Team pages.  If you would like to add an additional email for your child's team communications, there are two options.

  1. Add the email as a secondary email to your account.  Sports Engine has a help topic that explains the steps:
    Secondary email addresses only receive profile notifications sent by an organization (i.e. from Coaches/Team pages).
  2. If the other email is tied to another Sports Engine account (i.e. both parents created their own Sports Engine account with their email), the account can be linked to the Player's Profile.  To do this:
  • use the drop down arrow next to your userid to access the account menu
  • click on the Profile option
  • select the Profile you would like to link an account to
  • click Add next to Linked Accounts
  • specify the email address of the other user.  Note if that email address does not have a Sport Engine account, they will be invited to create one.

Option 1 is an easy and straight forward solution that does not require creating and maintaining a Sport Engine account.